Standard large scale mining methods will be used in GOS operations:


Strip-mining methods mining 100 – 150 000 t/d of shale. Our targeted Oil shale  projects  are  horizontal deposits with low stripping ratio’s. The “strips” will be 200m x 1,000m per panel with the The shale  mined  on one side of strip, the  overburden will be mined ahead of the shale and immediately placed into the mined out area and re-contoured Topsoil removed from new panels will be immediately placed onto re-contoured areas for rapid and efficient re-vegetation. Selected plants and trees will be replanted as per our agreements with the environmental agencies and local communities.


When Overburden is placed as  backfill to mined area, shale tailings and spent retort ash will be blended into this fill to eliminate tailings dams and potential environmental hazards. All products from the treatment process are inert and can be  safely co-deposited with the overburden.


Topsoiling and rehabilitation planned for the whole mined area to native woodland or developed for a sustainable biomass project.