Research & Development



GOStek logo smallGOStek has its own oil shale research laboratories in Kohtla Järve, Estonia, where the company conducts global testing of shales and develops new processes in conjunction with our technology partners for addressing critical needs for the wider commercialisation of oil shale and low emission oil shale processing, assisted by its in house knowhow for oil shale beneficiation.

Estonia accounts for approximately 50% of current world production of oil shale and has a long and established track record in oil shale. The production areas are eastern Estonia around Kohtla Järve, Narva and Kiviõli, which makes the region a specific oil shale knowhow cluster on  a global scale and GOStek has its technical resource centre based in Tallinn where we undertake our Geological surveys, resource estimates,   mining planning and environmental development planning.


GOS and VTT have signed an agreement to  co-operate  in the fields of gasification and  bio leaching solutions for oil shale treatment.


vtt_bioruukki_br_008VTT is one of the leading Finnish R&D organizations in the area of thermochemical conversion of solid fuels into gaseous and liquid fuels. VTT has mainly focused on biomass and waste conversion process
es but has also experience of the use of peat, coal and various  oil byproducts as  feedstock for gasification and pyrolysis processes. VTT has also worked with shale oil production and oil shale utilization. Additionally VTT has strong research department focused on bioleaching technologies.





Global Oil Shale is a member and development partner with Lappeenranta University of Technology of Lappeenranta, Finland.

LUT is one of the leading technical universities in Finland and has specific focus area for beneficiation of minerals through its Centre for Separation Technology.



Tallinn University of Technology has long history of Oil Shales R&D and Testing.

Global Oil Shale has signed a Co-Operation Agreement with Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), in Tallinn and Kohtla-Järve, Estonia.

TUT is the leading university for oil shale research in Estonia and has a specialized Centre of Excellence for Oil Shale based in Kohtla-Järve in eastern Estonia, which is available to GOS for joint Research & Development into new environmentally sustainable production processes as well as for detailed testing of target project  oil shale samples.



Strategic R&D aims:

  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental excellence
  • Improved efficiency of existing methods
  • New efficient oil shale processing methods