Dr Omar Bekri, General Manager (Morocco)

Having worked for more than 30 years in oil shale R&D projects including laboratory studies, pilot plant operations and feasibility studies where major engineering and oil companies were involved, has conferred him a substantial experience in the management of oil shale development projects.



Markku Kemppinen, Development Director

(MSc Engineering and MBA) has an established background in  project management and oil shale production having spend 3 years as Director of Business Development at Estonia’s 3rd largest oil shale producer Kivioli Keemiatoostus. Prior to this he spend 8 years as a project manager for Nokia Corporation



Scott Young, Director CEMOS Ciment S.A.

Governmental relations for Morocco and project finance.Ex. Morgan Stanley and Rothschild Investment Banking.


 Urmas Timmusk, Finance Director

(MSc (Econ), University of Tartu) With a background in Finance, has 20 years experience working for Neste Oil (Finland) business control, prior to that worked 10 years in Financial Management for Estonian Companies.


 Anton Eiguine, Director, Corporate Affairs & Investor Relations

(BSc (Econ), London School of Economics)  Background in petrochemical production and trading with Midland Petrochemical. Established Uus Tehas Oü for oil shale processing developments in Estonia in 2006. Experience in economics around oil trading, refining and production with focus on Oil Shale.



Mourad Bourich , CEMOS Ciment S.A. Sales/Distribution Manager

 Pre-sales contracts for Cemos cement in South Morocco. Liason officer for licensing, approvals, civil works