Our Strategy


GOS has a core strategy for commercialising world surface oil shale resources with efficient production solutions and environmental aspects. The company’s strategy is to combine the use of mineable oil shale in a combination of final products in order to secure comprehensive use of the oil shale raw material and in order to minimise the environmental footprint of thermal processing of the oil shale feedstock.


powerline1Electricity Production – GOS has chosen Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) technology for oil shale combustion in its  own power plant. CFB technology is proven for lean oil shales in Estonia and Germany. CFB technology has “built-in” SOX and NOX emissions capturing capability and is currently the most environmental friendly solution for this purpose. GOS initial demonstration power plant capacity will be 30 MW – 50 MW.




Liquid fuels and shale oil – pending current developments in the world oil markets GOS is focusing on R&D for more efficient shale oil production from oil shale with its shale-to-liquids (STL) process. The STL system is based on fast pyrolysis of the oil shale feedstock and is developed in co-operation with its technical partners VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland and Neste Jacobs Engineering (Finland), both of whom are world leading engineering and development specialists for alternative fuels and thermal processing. GOS has its own R&D centre with VTT based in Espoo, Finland for the development works as well as a  facilities in Kohtla Järve, Estonia for  additional oil shale testing.



C2015-07-10-18-31-26ement, clinker and other infrastructure materials – GOS / CEMOS aims for the production of its own clinker at very low costs, by utilizing its own energy from oil shale powered power plant and
its own raw material components. Power plant ash will be used as a raw material for the clinker production and fly ash as an additive to ready cement. Overburden of CEMOS own mining operations contains a sufficient amount of limestone and other raw material components.




Mining – GOS is planning the strip mining technology on the open pit operations. The mined area will be rehabilitated with overburden backfill.