Oil Shale Processing


There are two major types of thermal treatment  retorts, vertical and horizontal, both systems have been successfully installed and operational for decades with vertical retorts being used in China, Brasil and Australia and horizontal retorts used in Estonia and Russia.  The horizontal retort system allows the utilisation of coke residue for the co-production of electricity which adds considerably to the economic output of the process and hence has been selected by GOS as the optimum solution for oil shale treatment.


During the last twenty years a number of innovative processes have been developed, such as fluidized-bed pyrolysis, combustion, hydroretorting, gasification. Kerogen extraction and enrichment enables  considerably higher efficiency of oil shale throughput and the potential for scalability and is the focus of a number of our strategic partners.


GOS has chosen a strategic path to select  a number of conventional surface oil shale processing technologies that in combination with modern innovations will have  significant economic improvements over previous installations allowing GOS to fast track low risk project development with proven off-the-shelf equipment and techniques.



In parallel GOS and Partners proceed with the development of more efficient technologies to be implemented as the projects grow.


GOS’ development strategy is to re-establish oil shale as a key part of the solution to the growing demand for fuels and energy through the combination  of proven and innovative  technologies  enhancing value and scalability of production.


Our in-house team is developing innovative  low emission approaches to oil shale processing, with a specific focus on large scale beneficiation of oil shale.development  through our KEROCON process to produce an enhanced concentrate with  much higher content of organics for a more efficient and environmentally effective retorting process.