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Although information about many oil shale deposits around the world is rudimentary at best, the potential resources of oil shale are enormous. Total world resources of shale oil currently are conservatively estimated at 4.8 trillion barrels . This is almost 4 times more than the crude oil resources which stand at 1.3 trillion barrels. However, economically recoverable oil shale reserves are much lower.


Evaluation of world resources is especially difficult because of the numerous ways by which the resources are assessed. The appraisal is far from complete and focuses only on the larger deposits of oil shale that are being mined or have the best potential for development because of their size and grade.


Main countries with significant known oil shale resources include the United States, Australia, Morocco, Jordan, Brazil, China, Russia and Estonia.


Currently GOS has ongoing projects in Morocco and Australia. The Company is engaged in project evaluation in Israel, China and Jordan and has a core strategy to build a large scale and globally diversified surface mineable oil shale resources portfolio containing three to five world class deposits. GOS intends to develop these in stages from initial test production of 1,000 – 5,000 barrels of shale oil per day to commercial production of 50,000 barrels per day with associated electricity generation.


Moreover, GOS is a responsible member of the communities in which it operates and acts in positive co-operation with all stakeholders with a special emphasis on environmental, socio-economic and cultural factors.