Board of Directors


Petri Karjalainen, Executive Chairman (Msc Econ) Partner of ECAP Investments and specialist investor in Emerging Markets and Resources sector with a track record of financings and investments in oil & gas an mining sector through Williams de Broë as a Managing Director for its resources and emerging markets operations. 



George Lloyd, Non-Executive Director Former Executive Director of Southern Pacific Petroleum, worlds largest listed oil shale company. Chairman of AWR Lloyd, Cape Alumina, Pryme Oil and Gas Ltd and Chairman of Ausenco Ltd, one of the largest engineering groups for energy and mining in Australia.


Harri Turpeinen, Board Director and CTO (MSc (Chemistry), university of Oulu) 38 years experience in development of bio fuel, heavy oil and other alternative fuels production and refining at Neste Oil (Finland) as Director for Research & Development, bitumen & heavy oil sector as well as corporate strategy for alternative oil operations.