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Surface mineable oil shale – also known as bitumen shale or kerogen shale – is an organic and energy rich fine grained sedimentary rock that has commercial use as shale oil or for production of electricity by grinding to rock into small particles and heating up the organic rich compunds in a thermal process. The remaining residue from the thermal process can also have commercial applications and in some world oil shale deposits be be used for production of cement and clinker as well as other building materials. Generally surface oil shale is associated with unconventional oil production which currently as a single production focus in not economical, whilst a combination of electricity production and infrastructure related products has a positive econimical basis for projects.


According to the International Energy Agency the mineable surface oil shale resources in the world represent approximatly 5 trillion oil barrels corresponding of oil in place. The world’s proven conventional oil reserves are estimated at 1.3 trillion barrels of oil in place, so hence world resources in surface mineable are some four times larger than conventional resources and the commercial use of these resorces are significantly subject to developments in the thermal processing of the oil shale rock and multiple and combined uses of the material integrated processes for energy or other materials.




GOS is a leading company in focusing on world surface oil shale deposits and the commercial development of these by technological solutions for commercial production. The company is based in Finland and has its oil shale testing centre for advanced production solutions i co-operation with VTT – Technical Reserach Centre of Finland.


GOS combines global resources with leading specialists in the sectors, with an oil shale experts team across Finland, Estonia, Australia, China, US and Morocco with Estonia and China currently being the leading countries using surface oil shale resources for commercial production of shale oil, electricity and other products.


GOS uses the Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) process as its core thermal process for surface oil shale, which is industry proven for the surface oil shale industry and has signficantly been developed in Finland over the past 40 years by GOS’ technical partners and others. The company is also building valuable Intellectual Property and associated industry patents its technical solutions.


GOS operates with leading global engineering companies, mining consulting and equipment manufacturers including Neste Jacobs Engineering (Finland), Valmet Corporation (FInland), KHD Humboldt & Wedag (Germany), SRK Consulting (UK), VTT – Technical Reserach Centre (Finland) and TUT – Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia).


GOS supports its parent company Cemos Group Plc in its key projects in all aspects in relation to oil shale specific developments – including the Tarfaya Oil Shale Project for planned 30 – 50MW energy production and the operation of the power plant as well as supporting in the associated Cemos launch of 1.6 million tons of cement production.


GOS is also the project co-ordinator and planned operator for the Julia Creek Oil Shale Project in Queensland, Australia for initial 5,000 boepd shale oil production and full scale 25,000 – 50,000 boepd production, with the project currently pending world oil market prices.




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