In 2013 Global Oil Shale OY consolidated its in-house Shale to Liquids (STL) technical knowledge and manages all technical aspects of GOS’s oil shale processing programmes and has a team of specialists with more than 200 years of combined experience in development and production of oil and other products in Estonia and Australia.


Additionally, we have strategic partnerships with NESTE JACOBS OY – a leading engineering company in oil shale processing.


GOStek’s in-house team is working on optimising of the existing oil shale processing methods for specific oil shales of the company resource portfolio. Additionally we are focused on development of commercial scale oil shale beneficiation method KEROCON for a more efficient and environmentally sound retorting process together with Outotec, our oil shale beneficiation partner.


GOStek’ development strategy is to re-establish oil shale as a key part of the solution to the growing demand for energy through the application of new technologies and enhanced value engineering for proven thermal processing.