Who we are


Global Oil Shale (“GOS”) is the energy focused subsidiary of CEMOS Group Plc.


GOS currently has more than 4 billion tons of world class oil shale resources within its current licenses and that the company is advancing for production.


GOS is in late stage project development of CFB based power operations in Morocco, with associated production of infrastructure products  including cement and clinker. The company has significant oil shale resources in Australia as well as an MOU with Shandong Energy Longkou Mining Group (the 4th largest energy group in China)  for development of shale oil production, which developments are currently pending due to the changes in the world oil markets.




GOS aims to make commercial use and production of the worlds resources in surface oil shale through combined production of electricity, liquid products and infrastructure materials and is focused on large scale projects for main proven oil shale resources globally.


GOS was established in 2011 and the group today has more than 80 instituional and non-institutional shareholders based in Finland, United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe with Baker Steel Resouces Trust (listed on the London Stock Exchange) and ECAP Investments as the largest single shareholders. Cemos shareholders represent more than € 2 billion in combined investment capabilities.